90,000 words

I reached another milestone today, 90,000 words.

It’s getting a little tougher to make lots of progress. As I was writing I skipped around a bit, an I left other bits unfinished. Today I started writing the last chapter. I got the beginning of it written, but I’m having problems segueing into the second part. I’m also trying to figure out out to pull it all together.

If my story was idea based story, I would have been finished two chapters ago.

If it was character based story it could have been done four chapters ago.

But my story is event based. The story starts when Annay’s world is turned upside down. It can’t end until she has set it right again, or at least accepted her new life as right side up.

So here I am with the final battle won.

With the characters changing or staying steadfast as needed.

The urgency of life is returning to normal.

All that is left is for Annay to figure out how she fits in.

Just 500 more words and the end of the book will be done.

Another 500 words to finish the second to last chapter.

Then the last third of the book will be done.

That’s most of what I did today. I went back through the chapters adding the little bits a skipped. Putting in the quotes I put off. Adding the intros. Finishing the half written chapters. 3,000 words worth of little bits.

When I finish the last third I’ll have all those chapters in the middle I skipped. 25,000 words of chapters here and chapters here.

I have the quarter written flash back to a previous adventure where Annay and Julie learn to rely on each other.

I have the preparations for the rescue mission.

I have Annay’s rescue mission.

Then I have all the bits I need to add to flush out the characters.

More about Latem the ogre

More about the war chief

All those pesky chapters when Hector is a prisoner

The rest of the chapters with Annay dealing with her loss

And lets not forget the missing journal entries.

Yep, there’s plenty to use up that 25,000 words. Just no 5,000 word stretches.

I guess that’s what I get for skipping around and doing the fun bits first.

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