Beyond the Beyond

My First 140 character story

Her heart’s beating stops. The air in her lungs forces its way out. Senses fade. Thoughts race, then nothing. Only her spirit is left.

Black, then white, fading to blue. A forest comes into focus. Whole, unbroken, no longer victim of an accident. People walking towards her.

“Mother!” Running into her arms. Long hugs, tears of joy. “I’ve been waiting for you Julie.” Joy pauses. “Who will raise my son?”

A handsome man approaches. Julie smiles at him and immediately likes him. He comes to her and hugs her. She lets this man hold her.

“Mother, I love you,” the handsome man says. Julie steps back, “What?”. “It’s me, John”, he says. “What?” she repeats. He holds her again.

“How? you’re only ten,” Julie says in a whisper. “I was only ten on the day that you died,” John whispers back. “I missed you so much.”

“But?” she asks. “I survived. I grew. I never forgot. The pain faded, but I always missed you,” he says. “I got married; you’re a grandma.”

“Heart attack in my sleep,” he explains, “It took a long time to die. There were tubes in my body and needles in my veins. But I died.”

“And you were here waiting for me,” John says. “After all the years of missing you, you were here to greet me and hug me. Thank you”

Julie sits down, John sits next to her holding her hand. “Look, here comes Amy! You’ll just love Amy.” A beautiful young girl comes running.

The girl throws herself at Julie and wraps her arms around Julie’s neck. Julie’s heart sings within her; she loves this young girl.

“Hi, Grandma. You look just like your pictures.” Julie looks at John and then back to the young girl.

“This is your granddaughter, Amy,” John says, “You two are inseparable.” Julie doesn’t know why, but she knows it’s true. “I love you, too.”

“I don’t understand,” Julie says. “You will,” John replies. “It takes a while,” and John laughs at himself. “I made a joke.”

“There is no time here, just events. You can relive them as often as you desire. You’ve just gotten here, but you’ve been here forever.”

“You were here to greet me when I first came, and you were here for Amy. In fact you were the first to meet Amy; it made it easier for her.”

“And now you’re here to meet me?” Julie asked. “Yes, because we love each other. That’s what Heaven is all about,” John said as he smiled.

“We have forever to experience God and to share experiences with each other. If your up to it, let’s go met Dad, you’re important to him.”

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