Whiskey Lamp #2

Gentleman Jack’s

A friend gave me a Gentleman Jack’s bottle. Looking at it I imagined a posh club in blacks and whites, with men drinking whiskey wearing white shirts and wearing black Stetson’s. I took that image and designed the lamp.

I made the shade lower than the others I’ve made recently by 2 inches. I tried two different ways to put the mane in the shade, the first is outlined and the second is etched. I pained both flat black so the name is more of a hint. The wood grain stills shows a little and I’m torn of wether it should or not. The wood grans gives it a little bit of rustic look. Flat black would make it classier.

When it came time to fill the bottle I though abut black sand, but worried that would be too much. I looked at white sand, but decided that it would wash out the label. Then I say a bag of blue fireplace glass. I like the contract of the blue to the monochromatic bottle and shade. It’s either a cowboy wearing a blue silk shirt instead of his normal denim, or a call out to a thin blue tie against the crisp white shirt.

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