Vodka Lamp #1

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I haven’t finished my Tequila Lamp series yet, but the opportunity presented itself (an empty bottle) so I couldn’t say no (since my tequila bottles sill have tequila in them.)

I started with the shade I did for the Tonala bottle and made it into an eight sided pyramid. I had a fit problem with the first pieces I cut, because the angles are different and so the lengths of the sides have to be different. I also need to seal the inside so the light doesn’t shine through on the edges. Do they make black caulk?

I took the mountain from the bottle, as well as the name. I stained the bottle blue to match the blue glass of the bottle (which is almost lost in the yellow of the light. I might replace it with a white LED bulb.

It may not be the best vodka to drink, but the bottle is cool.


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