Tequila Lamp #6

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Lamp number six in the tequila-lamp series is finished.
This one has a more traditional four sided pyramid shaped lampshade. I took the hand painted agave from the Tonala tequila bottle and put it on the shaded. On the bottle, the agave goes around the corner. I thought about doing that on the shade, but decided that might be too much reflecting of the bottle.
I made the shade and put it on the bottle, but decided it looked funny being so short, so I created a 3 inch raiser to go between the bottle and the shade. Much better.
It makes me a little sad that I created the lamp before I had even opened the bottle. The label on the bottle talked about how classy it would be to server the Tonala from the glazed pottery bottle (glazed inside and out) with hand painted agave on it. The tequila is now sitting on the shelf in the pantry, in a generic clear glass bottle.
The things we have to do for our art.


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