Tequila Lamp #4

Lamp number four in the tequila lamp series was inspired by my friend sandee baker (sandee baker on Instagram) – this is the second thing she has inspired me to do – you’re great. The idea for this lamp was to use very thin wood so that the light behind it would cause it to glow. I went to Rockler and looked through all the #veneer. I wonder what the the people working there though as I held my phones light to the back of the wood to see which one looked best? I picked the Redwood Burl Veneer. I lasercut the frame and then used #laseretching on the veneer to #etch in the 1800 (which is visible when the light is off and barely visible when its on). I really like the way the redwood’s texture is shown. For this lamp I selected an #1800tequilasilver bottle. The shade has the same angles as the bottle and I think the rations are good. This is the smallest of the four lamps I’ve made, standing total of 17.5 inches tall. I went with the smaller 750ml bottle, both because it was smaller so there was less #tequila to drink and becasue the 6.5 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

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