Lazer Cutting Projects – Day 3

Today I returned to lamps. I’ve been looking at the different lamp designs that people having been doing and decided to do a wood one today. It is a pretty simple design – especially when compared to the Batman lamp. Sixteen slats, all the same, on two circles. The big difference in this lamp is that the slats come off the right at an angle. This prevents some of the direct light from the bulb.

lamp_2_drawingI used a full sized bulb in this lamp – the previous lamp used a candelabra bulb. This means the circles have to be bigger. I cut the pieces out of a single sheet of birch and then stated the wood with an walnut stain.


lamp_2_onI have some longer bulbs coming later this week so I might change the bulb. The big problem with this one is that it is actually to big to go through the bottom hole – meaning I have to take some of the slats off to change the bulb. It’s about 1/6″ too small.

Material Costs

  • $8 – one sheet of plywood
  • $10 – lamp kit
  • $10 – bulb

Total material costs $28


  • 2 hours non-recurring
  • 90 minutes recurring

The material costs for this lamp are smaller, but the time it takes to stain the pieces adds to the time. In the future I could stain the whole piece of plywood before I cut it up to save some time.

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