Lazer Cutting Projects – Day 2

Christmas Eve was a bit crazy, but I managed to finish another project. This one was inspired by someone at work and living in San Diego. The person at work said, “You should put a clock into these things you’re making. That way they would be good for something.” The San Diego inspiration is our beautiful sunsets.

Yesterday I was at the woodworking store, looking for lamp making stuff and an air-purifier, when I saw the parts to make a clock. I grabbed a set and today I put them to use. I thought about doing a super hero clock, but then decided to do a sunset. It’s a pretty simple design – yellow circle imbedded in a red circle. I found a picture of a sunset, with the sun reflecting off the water, and used it as the texture on the bottom on the red circle.

My laser cutter works in two mode – vector cutting and raster engraving. The cutting was simple and took 2 minutes. The engraving, while simple, took almost 90 minutes to do.

It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but the reflection looks cool.


Material Cost

  • $8 – one sheet of plastic
  • $6 – Clock
  • $3 – Clock hands

Total material cost $17


  • 2 hours non-recurring
  • 1/2 hour recurring
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