Lazer Cutting Projects – Day 1

I’m taking a little time off for the Christmas/New Years break and decided  to give myself a goal: One laser cutting project each day. Today, Friday 12/23/2016, is day one and here is the first project.

I started planning this specific project last night, the idea of doing a lamp started about a week ago. I actually order some lights on Tuesday. This first project is a lamp inspired by the Thomas Wayne Batman. Back on September 10th I did a plaque, which is one of my favorites.


So last night I decided to make a lamp based on the same design. It took a couple hours this morning to figured it all out and create the design on the computer. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to get the two-dimensional pieces to all fit together into a three- dimensional lamp – that and incorporating the light and the light fixture into the design. Design done I did a quick run to two different hardware stores, came back and updated the design to work with the lamp pieces I bought, did some test cuts, and them cut everything out.






I like the final results. What do you think?

bat_man_lamp_off batman_lamp_on

The bulb is an LED replica of an antique Edison style Edison lamp. I’m planing on using these lamps in some other designs. You can really tell by looking at this photo, but it does have a different feel than other LED bulbs.

Material Cost

  • $24 – Three sheets of plastic
  • $13 – Cord a socket kit
  • $10 – Light

Total material cost $47


  • 6 hours non-recurring
  • 1 hour recurring

Going forward: Ordering the LED bulbs on line I can get them for $4 and $5 for the cord and socket. In this design I ended up making 12 extra small pieces, which were replaced with clear pieces in the final design, so I can probably get the sheets down to two. That would bring the material costs down to $25. Making another one will probably only be 30 minutes of labor.

Which means if anyone would like me to make one of these for them I can probably sell them $90 a piece.

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