Laser Cutting Projects – Day 5

Back to the lamps again. Today I made a rectangular lamp with geometric images on it. Each face is different – two have circles, the other two have squares, one face coated by 45 degrees.

I haven’t made the top and bottom of the lap yet because I’m waiting for my order of lamps to arrive. I have an old fashion Edison lamp on order that is 10″ long. I’m thinking it will look good in this one. If it does I’ll finished it as a hanging lamp. If not I’ll probably make it a desk lamp.

lamp_3_4 lamp_3_1 lamp_3_2 lamp_3_3

Material costs

  • $8 one sheet of plywood
  • A little stain – which I put on the full sheet before it was cut
  • A little glue

Toal material cost $8

Labor costs

2 hours non-recurring

1/2 hour of recurring


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