Laser Cutting Projects – Day 4

Today I did something a little different. My wife likes to lay in bed and watch TV shows on her iPhone. She usually sets it on a business card holder. I decided to give her something a little fancier – an old fashion TV.

I’ve seen these before online so I started mapping my out. The thing that made it a little more interesting is the fact that she already has a case on the phone. After a little measuring I was ready to go.


The case is made from several layers of plywood. I stained some of them dark with a walnut stain and other light with an oak stain. There are 8 different patterns to got cut out. For several of them I cut out more than one. The final stand is made from 13 pieces.


The phone slides in from one end. The iPhone 7 plus has both the power and headphone jacks on the same end, which made the design easier.


Once in, iPhone looks just like a little TV screen.

tv_phone All in All, I like this little project
Material costs

  • $8 one sheet of plywood + a little from a scrap piece.
  • A little stain
  • A little glue

Toal material cost $8

Labor costs

2 hours non-recurring

1 hour of recurring

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