Laser Cutting Project – Day 8

Here is different kind of lamp. This one is lit by two LED votive candles. It is made from plywood, plastic and tissue paper. The wood and paper is cut. The plastic is engraved with the image of a bird sitting in a Dogwood tree.

I did two different images for the faces, one for the large front and back, and a simple flower for the two sides. The candles I got yesterday at Michale’s are taller than the ones I used before. I’ll have to find some lower profile once so the whole bird is illuminated.

lamp_5_1 lamp_5_2

Material costs

  • $1 one/eighth sheet of plywood
  • $1 one/eighth sheet of plywood
  • $0.10 one sheet of tracing paper
  • A little glue

Toal material cost $2.10

Labor costs

2 hours non-recurring

1/2 hour of recurring

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