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Greetings and intro to Unremembered Loss

This is where I will be sharing all things Hathrae. For those of you who don’t know yet, Hathrae is a small blue green planet not unlike out own Earth. It is located in the Soj system, where the stories I’m writing take place.

The first published story is a short one about one woman’s journey to heaven. I wrote it as an exercise both in writing a 140 character a day story and in exploring what it might mean if heaven was outside of time.

The main thrust of my writing, however, is towards my novel Unremembered Loss. I’ve just passed the 53 thousand word mark on my way towards 100 thousand. Of course that’s just the first draft.

In the mean time I’m starting some web projects where I will be exploring the world of Hathrae, and the backgrounds of the major characters of the book. Stay tuned for more information and the announcement of the web sites.

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