Binge Regret

I was talking with a co-worker last week about binge watching shows on Netflix. I was commenting on how Netflix is releasing whole seasons of their original shows at one time and how that encouraged binge watching. He was commenting on how he was almost done with season four of a show that he’s been watching way to much of, but he would describe it as regret, but more like binge mourning because he only had a couple of episodes left and then he wouldn’t know what to watch.

I took these two ideas and wrote a short story for my newsletter this week. I’d like to know:

Do you binge watch? How many in a row do you consider a binge?

What show have you been binge watching?

Do you feel regret or mourning when you finish, or something else?

Do you think Netflix should add a user preference like: Only let me watch __ episodes on a row?

I hope you enjoy the story


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