Edison Log Lamp


I Saw an Edison lamb built into a piece of wood on Instagram that I liked. I though it was cool and decided to make my own version. Since the lamp does not have a cover, I built in a dimmer switch.

Here is what it looks like off.

Lamp Off

And here it is with the bulb at its lowest level. It is a dimmable LED bulb so it doesn’t use much power, won’t break easily, and it is cool so I don’t have to worry about the wood getting too hot.

Lamp OnThe piece of wood is from a branch that broke off our carrotwood tree. I cut it to size and polished the top. There are two holes; one for the bulb and one for the dimmer.


In the bottom I had to carve out a place for the dimmer and a slot to run the wires. I then used a router bit in my drill press to cut out the rectangle so I can put a 1/8″ plywood cover on it.

Botom I stained the wood with an oak stain and then sealed it. I turned the knob out of the same wood. Here you can see the difference in color between the bare wood and the stained and sealed wood.


All in all a successful project. It took me too long make to be something I could sell, at least for a price I think people would pay. And as my son told me, the knob is off center.

So, how much would you pay for a lamp like this?

A Valentines Day Project

With Christmas and New Years over I decided to look forward to another holiday when I was thinking about my next laser cutting project.

It starts with a plan. In this case I took the drawing the I created for my Christmas candle, delete the tree and added some hearts. I created three different patterns.


Then I cut some of the boards that I’m recycling from old blinds to the correct length (enough to make one candle and still fit in the laster cutter)


Laser Cutting is the next step. It takes about two and a half minutes to cut out each candle holder. You can also see that it takes the whole width of the blind.


With the pieces all cut out, including the four pieces of red tissue paper all that is left is to glue it all together.


Here are the three prototypes. Which means …

… ready to go into production.

IMG_1855 Happy Valentine’s Day a month early.


Laser Cutting Project – Day 10

Another lamp, but this one is designed to be a desk lamp. I made a base on it – to hold the lamp fixture – and ran the cord out the back.

I found two public domain vector images of birds. I used on large on the top of each face and etched both of the bird in the base. The light is a full sized LED bulb and has pink paper infant of each cutout.

The lamp puts out a lot of light upwards.

bird_lamp_2 bird_lamp_3 bird_lamp_4 bird_lamp_1

Material costs

  • $16 Two sheet of plywood
  • A little stain
  • A little glue

Toal material cost $16

Labor costs

6 hours non-recurring

1 hour of recurring