Words and Sentences and Paragraphs, oh no!

This last month I wanted to use a tool that would count my letters per words, my words per sentence, and my sentences per paragraph. I couldn’t find one so I wrote my own. I like it so much I’m going to let everyone use it.

To find out more about it you can read about it in my newsletter or just jump over to the website.

I hope you find it useful.


The first two volumes of the Giant Tales series are out as Kindle books and paperbacks.

Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors

Giant Tales From the Misty Swam

Each book as four stories written by Douglas G Clarke and four additional stores ghost written by Douglas G Clarke.

I’ve also received my first royalty check, just under $5. With my new App I can scan the check and virtually cash it, thus keeping the original check to frame on the wall.