My First Contest

Alright friends,


I’ve got a challenge for you. As you might know I have some stories in a new short story anthology – Giant Tales: Beyond the Mystic Doors. Four of the stories are easy to spot because my name is right under the title. But, there are four more stories that are penned by me as a ghost writer.


The question is, which ones.


So here’s the challenge. Get the book, read the stories, and see if you can figure out which stories I wrote.


Send you guess to


At the end of March I will draw a winner from all the correct entries.


Winner you say? What will I win?


I will buy the winner lunch or dinner, and eat it with him or her, if within reasonable driving distance.



One entry per person

$25 value


So what are you waiting for, Go grab the book, its only $2.99 at Amazon.



The Book Progress

Went on sale the 14th, but didn’t know about it until the 16th

Statistics from Amazon best selling e-book list


17th – #68,075

18th – #73,123

19th – #23,353 – also #42 in the Fantasy-Anthologies

20th – #17,211 – #32 in the Fantasy-Anthologies

21st – #24,000 – #52 in the Fantasy-Anthologies

22nd – #53,693

23rd – #85,417

24th – #100,887

25th – #

26th – #123,438

27th – #

28th – #