August Newsletter

The August newsletter is ready to go. This marks one year. Looking back over the year it is interesting to see were they’ve gone. At first I thought I would write one for each of the characters, but I’ve only written about one of them, Julie. I’ve written about God, about the town, about dwarfs and turpes, and about writing.

This month I asked Emma what I should write about and she said, “pets.” So that’s what I did. It kind of surprised me as I wrote it because I didn’t think I had written about animals very much in my story. When I was done I had written two full pages.

So what will next month bring? I’ve finished the first pass through the book and now I’m going to try and do quick focused passes. May be I’ll write about my experience with editing the first line of each chapter.


I reached another milestone last night – I finished my first pass through the novel doing a grammar check and read through. I had started trying to do several checks at once, but decided that it might be better to do several run throughs rather than getting bogged down trying to do it all in one pass.

I’m going to start my next pass and see how quickly I can get it done. In this pass I’m just going to be reading the dialog and working on the different characters’ voices.