August of 2008 I started following someone’s blog.

Today she asked me to stop.

It’s hard to explain the feeling I have right now. I suppose its grief. Even though I never met her in person, I came to care about her. In someways she became to me the collage student that I imagine Nigel might be.

I feel loss and sadness.

I gave part of myself to her.

The questions is, was it worth it. Did I get enough out of it, did she get enough out of it, to make the pain I feel now worth it?

I can’t answer that question, but I have to believe it was. I found her site by Gods leading. I helped send her on a mission trip this summer. I think my words may have had some impact on her – I hope for the better.

When God leads me to a place for a season, I need to have faith that I was there for the right amount of time, and thank him for the time I did have with her.

And maybe God knew I needed to feel a little more pain to help me finish my story.

Artists Quarters

Last night I did a dramatic reading of Hector’s most recent blog –

It was mostly a dialog between Hector and a young woman. Emma spoke the parts of the young woman and I spoke hector’s parts and the narration. One of the other guys there read the traveler’s parts which were three lines at the end.

The reading was very well received and I felt good about it.