I am busy writing the third addition of the Unremembered Loss news letter. This month’s newsletter is going to focus on one of the “evil” races in my book. I was just going to call them ocrs, but enough people told me that unless I was exactly matching one of the already established definitions of orc, I should call them something else.

So say hello to the Turpis, and stay tuned for the newsletter to find out about them.

106,000 words

Progress on the book is slow. I made 106,000 words today, just 70 days after 90,000. That’s an impressive 228 words a day.

All sarcasm aside, I haven’t been make lots of progress on the book, but I have been writing a lot. I have a couple dozen posts up now, and some of them, like the one I wrote tonight, are almost 1,800 words all by themselves.

So the questions is – Am I spending my time where I should?

I think the answer is yes. While I really do want to get the novel done, what is more important is to get my thoughts out. Right now the parts that are left in the novel aren’t the parts I need to be talking about. On the other hand, the blogs I’ve been writing have been coming from the heart.

Tonight I finished the third part of Hector’s story about being robbed. I’m not sure why this is an important story for me, but I’ve learned to not worry about it and just see where it goes. I hope that I’m learning the lessons that Hector is.

I did do a quick survey of the novel and it looks like there are only three pieces that I’ve started than need to be finished. One is a pretty big piece that I’m now thinking about removing. Beside the mostly done chapters, I have places holders in for another ten that need to be written. Of these, three really are needed, the rest may go to the way side.

If my guess of 115,00 words was right, it means I’ve got about 20 pages to go. That doesn’t sound like so much. I think Christmas may still be a good goal.

On a side note, a couple people have suggested I might be able to take all of the blogs I’ve been doing so far and make them into a book – a prequel of sorts. It’s an interesting idea.